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nitrous bottle heater kit

Nitrous Bottle Heaters or Warmers are the way to get the most consistant accurate hit of nitrous every single time. Bottle pressure is very important to nitrous performance you want it to be maintained between 950-1100psi. Forget about trying to heat your bottle any other way and risk damaging your bottle and physicial harm! These kits are the easiest and most reliable way!! You can go with the basic heater and turn it on and off yourself with a toggle switch, or get the amazing fully automatic Heater kit that is complete with everything you need including heater, wiring, relay, adapter, and the bottle pressure switch! The bottle pressure switch is fully adjustable and watched the bottle pressure. When it gets below a certain pressure it turns the heater on, and when it gets too high it turns the bottle heater off. You can't get more simple than that, comes preset to maintain 1100 psi, but is adjustable! You can see our bottle pressure guide here
Basic Nitrous Bottle Heater/ Warmer for 10 & 15lb Bottles $89.99
Fully Automatic Nitrous Bottle Heater / Warmer Kit for 10 & 15lb Bottles $159.99

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