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Custom CNC Billet Bracket for 10 & 15lb Bottles

This is a CNC BILLET 6061 adjustable Bottle Bracket kit with a built in handle designed and clear ANODIZED.This Bracket has been designed for fast and easy dismount and remount when filling is needed, just pull 2 ring pins, NO TOOLS NEEDED! When the pins are pulled, grab the built in handle and go! The mount has been designed to adjust the angle of the bottle from 0 to 20 degrees with the location of the front pin. For every hole you move the front pin back it will tilt the bottle up 5 degrees. With this Bottle Bracket, the worry of scratching and scuffing your bottle is gone; mount it once in the clamp rings and it's done!


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Nylon coated 10-15lb Bottle Brackets Each set is 2 brackets


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