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Nitrous Diesel Kit

Everything you need to run nitrous on your diesel truck!

Universal Diesel Kit 100-400 HP!!

Lower EGT's, Reduce Turbo Lag & Get Instant Power

Simple to install Nitrous kit for your diesel truck. Specially designed to make big power on your diesel


We reccomend spraying after your turbo and intercooler if you have one, even further cooling your intake and making more power!

Special Diesel Kit comes with: 15lb Bottle w/ High Flow Valve, Bottle Brackets, Bottle gauge, bottle nut adapter, 18 foot -6an high pressure teflon braided stainless line, 2 foot braided nozzle lines, Nitrous Nozzle, Top Quality Stainless nozzles,Monster 400HP Diesel Solenoid


These kits sell for anywhere from $800 to $1400!! This is a great deal even comes with a bottle pressure gauge a $40 value

Works with Duramax, PowerStroke Cummins & more!


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