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Nitrous Oxide Refill Station

nitrous refill station

Nitrous Refill stations are the perfect way to save some serious cash!! If you're constantly going through bottles of nitrous and tired of paying $3-$5 per lb of nitrous, or running to the local performance shop only to wait for a long time or for them to be closed; Then you might want to consider doing your own refills! The complete kit has everything you need to get started refilling your own bottles, you just simply need an air source i.e compressor and to get a fill tank delivered to you, most welding supply and gas supply companies offer that.

Item # Description Price Buy
CFN Complete Nitrous Refill Station everything you need to do refills, just order a big tank from a gas supply or welding supply company and you're ready to go. Runs off air compressor $865.00
CFN Nitrous Refill Pump Alone - No kit $675.00