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Installation Pictures For Carb Snowmobile

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1. Remove Carbs

nitrous kit
2. Disassemble Carbs

sled nitrous
3. Drill Carb

snowmobile nitrous kit
4. Tapping hole

snow mobile
5. Tightening nozzle red location

6. Finishing Carb

artic cat nitrous
7. Finished Carbs

polaris nitrous
8. Fitment of solenoid

skidoo nitrous
9. Finished fuel solenoid

rev nitrous
10. Cutting fuel line on pressure side

11. Finished T-piece

12. Fuel solenoid ready to mount

13. Drilling for solenoid mouth

snowmobile performance
14. Fuel solenoid mounted

15. Nitrous solenoid fitted

16. Nitrous solenoid mounted

17. Tightening high pressure line

18. Line jetting

19. Fitting high pressure line

20. Finished carbs with nozzles

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