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Cold Power Nitrous Kit

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Gain Huge Benefits From Nitrous on your turbo or supercharged vehicle

Yes Turbos and Superchargers make huge power, but the fact is that the compressed air coming out of them is extremely hot!! Hot air causes you to lose power and to detonate. Intercoolers can help make huge power by cooling that hot compressed air before it hits your intake! But, if you REALLY want to freeze that air and make even more power, our Cold Power Nitrous Kit is the answer! Sprayed after any turbocharger, supercharger and intercooler it's the last thing the air hits before entering your motor. Depending on your motor and the temp of the air you can see anywhere from 25-30HP gains on a 350hp motor and 30-50hp gains on a 450hp motor just from the cooling effects alone, let's not forget that nitrous is an oxidizer and a power adder itself! This makes spraying nitrous oxide a tremendous benefit on any turbo or supercharged vehicle!

You can also use this kit to eliminate turbo lag by using the Wide Open Throttle switch that it comes with, then shutting it down manually, with a boost switch or keeping it on!

This kit works on any turbo or supercharged car or truck

Complete ready to install Cold Power Kit comes with a 10lb bottle, brackets, wiring, switch, relay, nozzle, and everything else you need to start making Cold Power! You'll see anywhere from 20 to 100Hp from this kit

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