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Dodge Viper Dry Nitrous Kits

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Viper nitrous kit Pro Dry kit

Introducing our all New PRO Nitrous Kit!

Works with All Dodge Vipers

This amazing kit is adjustable between 50 and 150 HP

This is the hottest dry nitrous oxide kit out on the market! Capable of big, reliable power! This Dual Stainless Nozzle system comes complete and ready to install with everything you need! Kit even comes with a NHRA safety Blowdown Tube kit and a Fuel Pressure Safety Switch. If you're going to go dry on your corvette this is the kit for you!! Kit comes with a manufacturers warranty against any defects including the solenoid!

Kit includes:

15lb Nitrous Bottle
High Flow Nitrous Valve
Bottle Pressure Gauge
Bottle Brackets
Dual Stainless Dry Nozzles
400HP Capable Solenoid
18ft Stainless Braided Teflon Feed Line
Stainless Braided Teflon Nozzle Lines
Fuel Pressure Safety Switch
Wide Open Throttle Switch (W.O.T)
NHRA Blowdown Safety Kit
All needed Fittings
Wire, Relay & relay harness
Bottle nut adapter
Selection of Nitrous Jets
Arming Toggle
Solenoid & W.O.T Brackets
Description Price Buy
Dodge Viper Pro Dry Nitrous Kit 50-150HP complete ready to install $525

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